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Route the Interesting things (Not just roads) with OpenStreetMap

By Ryan Lambert -- Published November 16, 2022

PostGIS Day 2022 is tomorrow, was November 17th. I am excited to be giving a talk at this year's PostGIS Day virtual event hosted by Crunchy Data!

The recording to this talk is on the Crunchy Data's YouTube page! Downloads are below.

My talk, Route the Interesting things (not just roads!) with OpenStreetMap, is scheduled for 2:00 PM Mountain Time. The full schedule is available on Crunchy Data's website. The original purpose of this post is to provide resources I will reference in my talk today. If you're here for those resources, feel free to skip to the Downloads and Links sections below.

The other purpose for this post is to provide a last minute announcement for this year's PostGIS Day talks and speakers. There are a lot of great talks scheduled! Register now, there's still time, it's virtual, and free!

What I'll be watching

PostGIS Day is an all-day, 12 hour, 24 session marathon of PostGIS related talks. I plan to attend PostGIS sessions from start to finish this year, with small breaks in there for a bit of real life. As I read through the schedule I find myself saying "That'll be interesting" and "I wonder how..." It's a seriously great lineup!

It was tough to choose the top-5 list of talks I don't want to miss. I had to firmly apply a "How will I use this today?" filter to narrow it down.

Can't make one or more talks you're interested in? You'll be able to watch it later! Crunchy Data plans to record the talks and post them online again this year. See the PostGIS Day 2021 talks here.


The following SQL scripts are referenced in Route the Interesting things (not just roads!) with OpenStreetMap. The comments at the beginning of each SQL script explain how it fits into the examples and pre-requisites.

These code examples expect Colorado OpenStreetMap data has been loaded via PgOSM Flex.


Links from the slides in order of appearance.


Happy PostGIS Day everyone!

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By Ryan Lambert
Published November 16, 2022
Last Updated October 15, 2023