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Improved RustProof Labs -- Coming Soon

By Ryan Lambert -- Published July 08, 2014

Another month has gone by without any new posts, and for that I apologize. There is, however, a reason for the silence! I have been working on a number of projects with the largest being reorganizing the RustProof Labs website.

Improving RustProof Labs

The biggest part of reworking my website was to finally decide what we were going to "be" other than just a blog and occasional consulting work. The core mission of RustProof Labs has always centered around learning, self- improvement and professional development and we are fully embracing that.

I started RustProof Labs with the hope that it would provide me with new learning experiences and access to new toys... so far, so good! Two years ago I said I didn't want to manage my own servers, and less than a month ago I told a colleague "I don't have time to set up an LDAP server to test that!" I have eaten my own words on both of those...

"So, what's going to change?"

Oh yeah, that. It wouldn't be any fun to tell you everything now, but I can tell you that the blog will remain and I will continue to actively write here. There will also be an annual membership option available at an affordable rate that will provide you with a bunch more content.

What's Taking so Long?

I keep asking myself why this process is taking so long, and it's because there are more steps than I care to count. I'm releasing new services which require new designs and systems in place. I need to talk with my lawyer. And my credit union. And finally planning the migration away from the shared hosting account that I had paid two years in advance. (Remember me not wanting to manage a VPS??) And designing a bit of basic marketing. Then there's setting up the development environment, testing changes, reverting back, testing more, changing more, changing back, and on and on.

We'll Be Back Soon...

I'm hoping to have the new site up and running by the end of July if not a bit sooner. Between now and then I don't anticipate writing any new posts here, but once the new site is up I will try to resume my old schedule of weekly posts. You can expect to see some posts about the transition and the way I'm setting up some of our infrastructure.

We're excited to see what you think of the new site!

By Ryan Lambert
Published July 08, 2014
Last Updated July 08, 2014