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New Blog Site!

By Ryan Lambert -- Published November 17, 2013

Warning: This post is outdated. It is here for reference purposes only.

I Finally Did it!

I put it off for a long time, but I have moved blog to my actual domain and set it up in a way that I think will work for me. Part of what I didn't like about my old site was fighting with Joomla to get it to work the way I thought it should. For a blog, WordPress can be the right tool for the job.

If my math is correct, this is my 13th blog post in 13 weeks. My original goal was to write one post per week, and overall I'm averaging that. I want to try to at least maintain that rate, and now that I have a blog site that works with me I hope to increase that frequency a tiny amount.

Up to this point I haven't been pushing this site because I wasn't happy with it. I still don't like all the colors, and will probably fiddle with the fonts a bit, but that can wait for a little while.

Now, time to figure out what my next post will be... Ideas?

By Ryan Lambert
Published November 17, 2013
Last Updated April 13, 2019