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My "FIXME:" Challenge

By Ryan Lambert -- Published September 05, 2013

I have been working on getting a whole lot of our internal systems in place since January and all my hard work is starting to pay off. I'm constantly trying to improve my code and beef up my programming skills. I'm happy to say I'm the first to know that my entire code base is pretty crappy.

I'm happy to say that because I know how much better it can get and I know I've set myself up well to do so.

First: I've been pretty good in the past couple of months to put FIXME: comments in my code throughout so I can remember my ideas, and nag myself to fix them! I have also been pretty good about fixing the more important ones when I see them later, but the little ones I always let slip because I didn't have an efficient way to track them. But now that we've been using Mantis as our bug tracker for over a month, it's time to start entering the FIXME's in with everything else.

// FIXME:  This isn't scalable.  This will natrually be improved
//      by simply pulling this data from the database.  This will also
//      simplify the maintenance between the build server itself and this
//      library.

I will likely continue adding new FIXME's in the code because it's more fluid when developing, but as I enter them into Mantis I will simply replace the notes I left in the FIXME with a URL to the issue in Mantis! This should help keep duplication down a bit as well.

That's all for now!

By Ryan Lambert
Published September 05, 2013
Last Updated September 05, 2013